Healing properties for Lithium Quartz

lithium quartz point
Photograph by Jem

Lithium Quartz is thought to be one of the most helpful crystals for people who suffer with anxiety and panic attacks – especially people on medication; it is said to reduces stress and emotional tensions.

It is also said to keep nightmares away and bless us with the added bonuses of harmony and a healthy connection to nature, as well as healing repressed anger and grief.

Lithium is said to activate and balance all of the chakras and also facilitates deep, restful sleep.

It can calm frayed nerves, allowing you to relax properly and become grounded.  Lithium Quartz can support those who use anti-depressants and other drugs for mental health issues.  The vibration of this stone is one of profound emotional healing and peace.

Just a little caveat of my own here, I think it is VERY important to cleanse your new piece of Lithium Quartz when you first recieve it

Products made from Lithium Quartz

I just wanted to say thank you very much for my beautiful crystals, it was a pleasure buying from you, and I will be back! by James